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Dental technician jobs in Bahrain

Farland Personnel Management Corp. is looking for forty (40) male dental technicians who wants to experience working overseas particularly in Bahrain. Transalign Dental Laboratories, an establishment in Bahrain, is the principal client to hire all hopeful applicants. … Read entire article »

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Assistant Pharmacist needed in Oman

Oman’s Ministry of Health is looking for professional Filipino pharmacists who are willing to work as assistant pharmacist in various institutions under the ministry’s department. … Read entire article »

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Work as cook in Kuwait

Want to cook you way to Kuwait? Touristic Enterprise (Kuwait Towers) is now looking for twenty (2) male OFWs who are willing to work for their company as assitant cooks and a chance to work overseas in Kuwait. … Read entire article »

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Jobs for nurses

Innovative Manpower Services, Inc. is now accepting¬†applications until December 15, 2015 for female licensed nurses to work in Abu Dhabi. … Read entire article »

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36% Rise On Online Jobs in UAE

The online job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) went up by 36% in December 2010 up to December, 2011. There were strong demands of workers and employees online. The highest demand for jobs is still in the education sector. Engineering, real estate and construction follows next. The job opportunities are not only in demand in UAE but five more Arab countries give more positions to be filled up. Saudi Arabia remained on top ¬†with the most significant annual growth of job opportunities. Advertising, market researcher, entertainment, media and public relations are very in demand jobs in Saudi Arabia. Other countries with huge jump of online job opportunities are Egypt with 43%, Kuwait (39%) and Bahrain (43%) It was reported that only Qatar’s job opportunities went down by 12% .   … Read entire article »

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