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Body signs that can detect your illness

Our body is our natural ECG, stethoscope, thermometer or a dialysis machine. What does it mean? Our bodies can show signs what sickness we have inside and if its time to see your doctors at once. … Read entire article »

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Keep your eyes healthy with simple Yoga exercise

Your eyes also needs exercise to maintain good vision and balances your brain hemispheres. With today’s lifestyle of many of us, being exposed to computers, tablets, cellphones, your eyes can easily be strained and gets tired.This simple yoga eye exercise can help strengthen your eyes and avoid blurry and double vision, itchiness and watery. Here are some eye exercises that can maintain your good eyesight. This exercises must be in a yoga sitting position. … Read entire article »

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Treating arthritis pain using natural medicines

Arthritis is the inflammation in the joints and is now not only common to older people but, it is now afflicting younger generation because of the lifestyle they are practicing. … Read entire article »

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Tips to whiten your teeth using natural products

Want to have a nice pearly white teeth without spending too much with a dentist? Try these natural help that can give you that confident healthy smile with stain-free teeth. … Read entire article »

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A healthy liver is a healthy body

There are health conscious personalities that have learned from the past health problems, and are willing and determined to change that lifestyle tradition of just eat whatever there is in the groceries or in the kitchen. … Read entire article »

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What is Zika virus?

With the coming 2016 Summer Olympics in August, the olympic commission in Brazil is now trying to stop the spread of the Zika virus that may harm not only the athletes but all the tourists to watch the biggest sports event in the world. … Read entire article »

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