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Disturbing photos from disturbing people

Have you ever wondered what transpired before something big, creepy, horrifying and tragedy occur? … Read entire article »

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Does Anyone Lost A Finger?

A call to the police station in Bristol countryside in England that they found a finger in the playground. The police station dispatched 20 policemen with their tracker dogs and went immediately to the children’s playground. An experienced pathologist stated that the finger definitely belong to a body that had been dead for a month. The severe finger then was sent to further tests while a wide search for more parts of the body began. … Read entire article »

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Queen Mary I: A Very Haunted Ship

The luxury passenger ship Queen Mary is the home of almost 150 ghosts. The shipe was built in the 1930 and has a long and colorful history of glamour and tragedy. Queen Mary is larger and faster than Titanic and was visited by politicians and actors like Sir Winston Churchill, Clark Gable and Bob Hope to name a few. … Read entire article »

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A Weird World

LUCKY BARBER   A man in Beirut, Lebanon can’t pay his barber of 65 cents. He made a deal to share his winning if he will win the lottery. He gave the other half of his lotto ticket. The ticket won and  his barber got the biggest tip and payment for a haircut: $133,000!     NO DUI FOR THIS ROBBER  A man entered a liquor store in Colorado Spring and tried to rob the store. He demanded a whiskey but the storekeeper refused to give him his demand. The clerk said that he didn’t believe that the robber was 21. To prove his eligibility, the robber obligingly showed his license card bearing his full name, address and birthday. Gotcha! That same night, police knocked on his door and jail was his only place to go. … Read entire article »

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