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The Ghosts of Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona became famous when the Earp brothers – Virgil, Wyatt and Warren – arrived in 1879. The brothers assumed roles as lawmen which led to other famous cowboys at that time. Gunfights were all over town. Boot Hill Cemetery remains one of the town’s famous landmark. Boot Hill Cemetery got its name to the men who died in gunfights with their boots on. A new city cemetery was built in the 1883s, and Booty Hill stopped accepting new burials until it fell into disrepair until 1940. … Read entire article »

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Queen Mary I: A Very Haunted Ship

The luxury passenger ship Queen Mary is the home of almost 150 ghosts. The shipe was built in the 1930 and has a long and colorful history of glamour and tragedy. Queen Mary is larger and faster than Titanic and was visited by politicians and actors like Sir Winston Churchill, Clark Gable and Bob Hope to name a few. … Read entire article »

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Raynham Hall Ghost

One of the most famous legit ghost photo is that of the Brown Lady roaming in Raynham Hall. According to the legend, the ghost of Raynham Hall is that of Lady Dorothy Walpole, sister of Robert Walpole, regarded as the very first Prime Minister of Great Britain. Lady Dorothy was the wife of Charles Townshend, who was known for his violent temper. There was a rumor that Lady Dorothy was kept and locked in the family’s estate in Raynham Hall when Charles Townsend knew about her infidelity. … Read entire article »

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The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

The ghost of the 16th US president Abraham Lincoln is the most famous of all US president’s ghosts. It was said that Lincoln dreamt of his own death. He told his Cabinet on April 14, 1865, the day he was assassinated, that “In the dream, I was awakened by a faint moaning from somewhere. I stood, and began looking for that noise. Finally, when I was in the east room, men and women were in funeral shawls. I saw a coffin and soldiers guarding it. A captain stood nearby, and I asked him ‘Who died in the White House’ and he said ‘The President he was killed by an assassin’.’ … Read entire article »

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