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Tubbataha Reef, The Canyons of Puerto Galera, included in World’s Best Dive Sites

There really is more fun in the Philippines and one of the world’s most beautiful is in Palawan. … Read entire article »

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Top 10 Ancient Capitals of the World

10.   CAHOKIA Cahokia was densely populated area and was the US first and largest real urban city explored in late 18th century. Monk’s Mound, the largest at 100 feet tall, dominates the site and was probably a mighty foundation for the home of the resident spiritual leader. Cahokia was the center of organized leadership and commerce.  9.     XI’AN This Chinese Ottoman Empire was holder of ancient dynasties some 3000 years back and it proved that it was really very old and eminent capital of China. It is now a great tourist spot as this place has preserved the ancient history of 6000 statues of Terra Cotta Army and notable tomb of Zhou emperor Qin Shi Huang.  … Read entire article »

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