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Non-stop flight Cebu to Los Angeles from Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines will take you to Los Angeles, USA from Cebu on a non-stop flights starting March 15, 2016. … Read entire article »

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Globe Telecom welcomes Netflix

Globe Telecom and US video streaming service Netflix is teaming up to give high quality TV shows and movies in the Philippines to all Globe home broadband subscribers. … Read entire article »

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Seafarers get a hold for lending option for loan in the Philippines

It has become a popular term in the seafarer’s community – 1 day release cash loan. Here, seamen and women now had a place to turn to when it comes to cash loan needs. This is called the seaman loan. In this program, all lending companies had no choice but to be competitive enough to offer 1 day approval of the loan as well as the awarding of proceeds. The only downside however is that there are lending companies the enlist what is called as a hotlist of banned or those not having accreditation to be offered of the loan for seafarers. This list has become a guide to marketing managers of different companies in determining which manning agency or shipping agency crew can be allowed to borrow money from them. … Read entire article »

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Tumbler@yahoo. Karp stays

The recently completed acquisition of Tumblr, and internet blogging service by Yahoo! for $1.1 billion will include David Karp, founder of Tumblr, to independently run Tumblr so not to turn away its user after it’s purchase by Yahoo!. Karp will be allowed to operate in New York while Yahoo’s main office is in California. With this agreement, Karp will be paid $81 million to remain on the job for the next four years. … Read entire article »

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Government is doing great with its anti-corruption drive – Businessmen

Many businessmen are more confident with President Benigno Aquino III’s leadership and his campaign for the anti-corruption, the Social Weather stations (SWS) said. For its latest survey, 42% believe that the drive against corruption of the government is very effective with 58% positive survey from the executives of 826 companies. Businessmen said that with the past administration of Gloria Arroyo, most or all of the companies pay bribes to win government contracts. … Read entire article »

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Philippines among the best record in youth unemployment rate

The latest survey of the International Labor Organization shows that, more young Filipinos who are seeking for work here and abroad, can secure jobs in the next three to four years. As of today, based on the National Statistics Office record that in 2010, unemployed youth was 17.6% and in 2011 its 16.3%. With the continuous improvement of unemployment, ILO ┬ásaid the the Philippines will be one of the prime movers of youth unemployment in Southeast Asia. … Read entire article »

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Filipinos are World Class … SPAMMERS!

Kaspersky Lab, one of the reliable security vendor said that the Philippines is the top source of spam mails int he United States and Europe for June, 2012. With 25% spam mails distributed in the US that all came from the Philippines. And ranked 7th from the top 20 country spammers after US, Brazil, China and India. … Read entire article »

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Counting the days for the new iPhone 5!

Mark your calender and September is here … iPhone 5 month! The much awaited iPhone 5 is coming on September 12 and gadget freaks are now saving for it and Facebook will surely be flooded with the first owners of the newest gadget of the world. iPhone has been the ‘ it’ gadget ever since the late genius Steve Jobs introduced iPhone since it launched in 2007. And the technology of the super gadget has been improving that is suitable to all users. … Read entire article »

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Samsung will fight to keep it’s products on the shelves

With a still ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung which the US jury found Samsung guilty of patent infringement and Samsung appealing to the US and South Korean court, Apple is asking for the banning of Samsung products in the US market. The South Korean electronic giant Samsung Electronics vowed to take all necessary measure to fight in court to keep its products in the US market. … Read entire article »

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And the winner is APPLE!!

A jury in San Jose, California awarded Apple more that $1 billion for the biggest patent cases in decades against the South Korean electronic firm Samsung. And it may triple the amount if the court will found Samsung of ‘willfully’ infringing on the patents. Samsung accused Apple and claimed that iPhone and iPad were illegally copied from their designs. The company will contest the US verdict and will file an appeal. … Read entire article »

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Angry Birds Raked Millions in 2011

Rovio Entertainment, the creator of the popular game series ‘Angry Birds’, reported a total revenue of US$98.3 million in 2011. … Read entire article »

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Jardine buys Rustan’s 50% shares

Hong Kong-based Jardine Matheson Group acquired 50% stake of the most successful high-end retail store chain of the Tantoco family, the Rustan’s Supercenters Inc. (RSI). … Read entire article »

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